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The Best Sound Systems for Cars

The Best Sound Systems for CarsThe advances in music technology have been staggering in recent years. Many car owners have found it difficult to keep up with the latest technological advances, however. The number of functions and features available on a sound system for cars is now bewildering. However, the sound quality has never been better and the potential for the storage of songs has never been greater. Here are just three of the best sound systems around at the moment.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

This is a system that offers a driver many different functions in one simple and great-looking package. Pioneer have excelled themselves with this piece of technology as it combines state-of-the-art music playback with telephone integration. It comes equipped with Bluetooth, satellite navigation and the ability to play DVDs. It plays a number of different music file formats and it is capable hands-free calling with almost any phone. Pioneer has created a piece of equipment that rivals the laptop for features and functionality.

Sony Xplod DSX-S300BTX

Sony is a market-leader when it comes to the power their stereos systems can deliver; the Sony Xplod continues that tradition admirably; satellite radio can be received with this amazing piece of equipment! It can be connected to other Sony gadgets with ease for the streaming of data or for hands-free phone calling. There are very few music-playing devices that can’t be connected to this device; it features USB, AUX and preamp connection sockets. All of the major music file formats are supported and Apple’s iPod is fully compatible. For motorists who want booming music to accompany their driving, this system is one of the best around.

Alpine iDA-X305

Alpine is not a major brand name, but they have some superb sound systems on the market. The iDA can store thousands of tracks; all of which can be found in a matter of seconds with a quick-search facility. This system doesn’t provide the same level of power as a Sony; however, it offers users an extremely easy-to-use interface that makes browsing music catalogues a pleasure. Alpine’s system is compatible with all of the main music formats and allows people to charge their iPods on the move. Alpine has a number of additional items for sale which can be used with their iDA system. A particularly popular add-on is their HD radio tuner because of its compatibility with iTunes.

Image by Kenike Mana’o – Fotolia