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Common Car Problems

Common Car ProblemsModern cars come with few problems as current manufacturing processes and quality methods are geared towards eliminating potential faults on the production floor. Some problems do slip through, however, and these will depend on the manufacturer and model of car. The latest vehicles are difficult to repair without specialist equipment since many of the car features re microchip controlled (such as ignition timing). As a result, owners can do little to prevent issues caused by an inherent failure in the vehicle and must involve a certified professional to remedy the problem.

Preventative Maintenance

Owners will develop few vehicle problems if they maintain them according to manufacturer instructions. Oil, water and fuel problems are common and can easily be prevented by setting a simple schedule for checking oil and water levels regularly. This includes water levels in dispensers for windscreen washers. Fuels levels should never be allowed to drop below 25% and on no account allow your vehicle to run out of fuel completely as sediment in the fuel tank can cause severe problems with the fuel system, sometimes blocking it and causing costly repairs.

Some Common Sense

All vehicles will have warning lights and gauges as part of the dashboard and drivers should pay attention to all. Fuel indicators, temperature gauge and oil lights are all clearly displayed and should be acted upon when lit. These alerts are not for decoration and can help the owner prevent future car problems or breakdowns. The driver of a vehicle should always pay attention when driving; changes in steering, drivability and new knocks or vibrations can all indicate problems and should be investigated. Owners need to monitor tyre pressures regularly (tyre pressure gauges are readily available) and ensure that they reflect manufacturer guideline.

We have discussed some of the most common car problems but of course, there are others. Most new cars come with a transponder key that is unique to your vehicle. Do not lose it as replacement costs are high and typically only a main dealer can issue new keys. Finally, if you do not have the expertise to carry out basic maintenance tasks, schedule a monthly service to verify that that there are no issues with your vehicle.

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