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Important Uses of the Screw Pump

Important Uses of the Screw PumpA lot of people are familiar with scientific principles and inventions by great scientists. What they may not realize is that these inventions have practical applications. Over the years, many inventions have been put to good use in different ways. Some of these inventions have helped in the development of agriculture, engineering and manufacturing. One of the most useful inventions of all time is the screw pump. This pump is also called the Archimedes’ screw pump. It is a positive displacement pump and it is very useful in agriculture, irrigation and automobile engineering.

How the screw works

The Archimedes’ screw pump is a displacement pump. It uses one or several screws to move solids or liquids along the screw. The process can be explained clearly by stating that a single screw rotates in a cylindrical cavity. The rotation process moves material (fluids or solids) along the spindle of the screw. The cavity can also be profiled. This means that the pumped material can be trapped within the cavity and stored there. This basic principle has been modified to suit present day functions. This is why the principle is used extensively in the oil industry today.

Specific uses of the pump

In irrigation farming, this principle is used for transferring water onto irrigation ditches. This pump can also be used in areas which are prone to flooding. In this case, the pump can be used to drain water. The water is pumped out and the land can be reclaimed. In the oil industry, this pump is used for transporting viscous fluids which have lubricating qualities. These fluids include engine oil and low power fuel. The concept of transmission and fuel injection in the automobile industry also functions with the screw pump principle.

One major advantage of the screw pump is that the pumped fluid moves axially and without turbulence. This eliminates foaming and makes it perfect for pumping fluids of higher viscosity. This pump plays a vital role in many industries in the modern world and this is why it is used extensively in many parts of the world.

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