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What to look for when buying second hand cars

Used vehicles offer the best value when it comes to car options, and this is especially true for anyone who needs a car on a tight budget. If you are looking for a reliable and reasonably priced car, then you already know that choosing the right vehicle can seem like an impossible venture. There are hundreds of different vehicles available for purchase, and when it comes to second hand cars, the choices are even more expansive. Car buying decisions are difficult, because the right model of vehicle needs to be decided on, and so does the condition and price range. Well, there are a few things that you should consider before you pick out your next used car to make the choice a bit easier for yourself.

What needs to be considered when looking for second hand cars?

When you first look at used cars, you should look at the year, mileage and condition of the vehicle. A car that is considered should not be more than ten years old, regardless of how well the car was taken care of. Older vehicles often have poor gas mileage, old safety technology and the parts inside the motor have probably worn down due to age. When the mileage is considered, a car that has around 100,000 kilometres is a good choice. Cars that have been driven this much still have many years of reliable driving left in them, and you can find cars at reasonable prices with this mileage.

Looking at the condition of the used car can be quite easy. The inside, outside, undercarriage, and engine of the vehicle should all be looked at. Any rust or small dents on the outside of the car should be looked for, and the cleanliness of the inside of the car and engine should be looked at. Any vehicle that is dirty, rusty, and excessively dented should not be purchased. These factors indicate that the previous owner was rough with their vehicle and it may break down after only a few months.

What should be done after a good second hand car is located?

The used car should be driven after a clear inspection indicates that the vehicle is a good car. During this drive, you should make sure that the car handles properly with decent acceleration and braking. The car should respond as soon as the accelerator is pushed, and no noises should come from the engine at this time. When braking, you should make sure that the car stops immediately without a grinding or squeaking sound. After a fifteen or twenty minute drive you will be able to tell if the car drives properly. Once you realise that the car is in good shape, check all of the lights, windshield wipers, and other car accessories to make sure everything works. If the car seems like a great vehicle after all of this, then you should put an offer on it and buy it.

Picture: Christian Schwier – Germany