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Mini Cars in Popular Culture

Mini Cars in Popular CultureA small cost cutting measure car that was made by the British Motor Corporation or BMC is known as Mini. The minis are ruled in the market from 1959 to 2000. It was so popular that in 20th century it was declared as the second most significant car of that time. The mini was designed by Leonard Lord. They launched a variety of designs of the minis. The most popular designs of mini were named as the Pickup track, Estate car, and Mini Moke which was a jeep looked like pushchair. Besides these mini also introduced few sportier versions such as Mini Cooper and Cooper S. By the time they start to introduce many other models of the mini cars such as mini Van, mini magic II, Morris mini K, Mini Clubman etc. The sportier versions of mini that is the Mini Cooper and Cooper S won the Monte Carlo Rally award for continuous for times.

The car for the aristrocrats

In the popular culture of that time mini was a car of prestige. It was a dream of every people to have a drive in the mini cars at least once in life. Commonly the high profile people of that time used to own the mini cars and it was like a symbol of their status. In the high profile parties of that very time the mini cars used to be the centre of attraction.

The car for the masses

Gradually the companies started making a variety of versions of the mini cars with a variety of price ranges. It is actually worth admiring that all the versions of the mini cars left a mark at present economy of that time. There was a time when it was only under the ability of reach people but moment it started introducing other model it became under the reach of others having well financial condition. Unfortunately after 2000 the demand and so the market share of such cars fell down. Still now a day a number of car lovers love to own such cars yet most of its old models are counted as vintage cars. There is no dilemma in declaring it as a most prestigious car of present and yesteryears.

IMG: Raulmahón – Fotolia