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Tyre Variations by Use and Vehicle Type

Tyre Variations by Use and Vehicle TypeDepending on the vehicle used, the right tyre can increase performance and fuel efficiency. Solid industrial tyres and private tyres are produced in multiple sizes, depending on the vehicle. However, the right tyre for the job is critical both for vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.


Standard car tyres are designed for regular road use in dry conditions. Basic tyres provide mobility, but the traction may not be as good in turns or hard stopping. High performance tyres are typically found on sports cars requiring better traction for the type of driving desired. These tyres are expensive and wear down faster than standard tyres due to softer rubber. Winter tyres are designed for driving in specifically wet and icy conditions. These tires have a softer rubber tread mix, allowing more flexible grip in the cold, water and snow. All season tyres attempt to provide drivers a mix of a winter tyre and standard tyre. Used on both wet roads and dry, all season tyres incorporate a mix of treads and rubber compound to last long but still grip in wet conditions.

Truck and Van

Trucks and vans frequently come equipped with all-terrain tyres. These tyres are typically built with a durable rubber compound for long life and rougher driving.

Truck and Busses

As large, solid industrial tyres, heavy duty tyres can be designed for specific use in three categories: trailer wheels, drive-axle tyres, and steering tyres. The material mix of the heavy duty tyre provides long wear and fuel efficiency for commercial hauling.

Industrial and Construction

Industrial tyres represents everything else not found on a standard vehicle. Forklifts as well as skid loaders use these. Only purchased by commercial users, these solid industrial tyres are found only on work sites. Construction tyres are also large industrial tyres big with big treads for uneven soil. They incorporate multiple tread treads for bad terrain.

Picture: Markus W. Lambrecht – Fotolia