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The UK’s most famous cars

The UK's most famous carsMotoring has a rich history in the UK and provided many of the best-known makes and models that have stood the test of time and have even become part of the fabric of UK culture. This pieces sets out just some of the most famous UK cars that can be attributed to the creativity and ingenuity of the UK automobile industry.

Aston Martin DB5

First produced in 1963, this car has gained prominence through being used in a number of James Bond films over the past 50 years, from Goldfinger in 1964 to Casino Royale in 2009. It has 282-break horsepower and a top speed of 143mph. Only a relatively modest 1,023 cars were produced.

Jaguar E-Type

A high-performance British sports car produced between 1961 and 1974, this two-seater coupe became an icon of 1960’s motoring and was described by Enzo Ferrari at the time as “the most beautiful car ever made”. More than 70,000 of these cars were sold and a number of production versions and limited versions have been subsequently produced.

Land Rover Defender

This iconic 4-wheel drive off-road vehicle began its life in 1983 and was produced for 7 years from assembly plants all over the world. It has gained worldwide status as a reliable and quality vehicle. The most popular models include the Ninety, the One Ten, the 127 and the 130.

McLaren F1

An iconic car of the early to mid-nineties, this car has a 6.1 litre engine and boasted a phenomenal top speed of 231 mph. For a time, it was the fastest car in the world. In its 6 years of produced, only 106 of them were produced, making them an exceptionally an expensive toy.


By far the most noticeable car ever made, the original 2-door mini was produced for over 40 years and featured in a whole host of famous films, most notably the Italian Job in 1969. During its production life, it was manufactured by the British Motoring Corporation, then by British Leyland and finally by Range Rover before it finished production in 2000.

Picture: Vladimir Mucibabic – Fotolia