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Winter Car Protection

Winter Car ProtectionProper vehicle maintenance is always important, but never more so than during the winter months. Providing adequate car protection need not be complicated and careful preparation can go a long way toward keeping motorists safe.

See and Be Seen

Visibility can be an issue as the daylight hours decline. Ensure that all bulbs are working and that lamps are kept clean. Also ensure that the windscreen wash is topped up with an appropriate winter solution. Dazzle from oncoming cars and low, blinding sunsets can be a real problem during the dusky months and a clear windscreen is essential.

Keeping Clean

Cars get dirtier during the winter due to the high levels of salt, mud and slush on the roads, and it can be well worth protecting your car with some of the many products designed to keep paint and metalwork free from these damaging effects. A quick look in the bodywork sections at a motor factors will help you decide on the necessary steps to take, but at the very least your car will benefit from regular washing, especially around the wheels and chassis where deposits can get trapped. Council applied road salt is one of the main enemies of your car’s bodywork, so it can be worth making sure all chips are fixed before winter hits, as any metal not protected by paint will be more at risk from rust.

Top Up and Treat

Antifreeze in the car’s cooling system is essential; follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when topping up radiators. Diesel engines can often benefit from a conditioning treatment poured into the tank, as diesel can become very thick in the cold, making starting a problem. Other starting problems can be caused by weak batteries, but need not be replaced if they are properly charged and the contact terminals are clean and greased.
Lastly, make sure tyres are in good condition and check fluid levels regularly. If your car has air conditioning run it at least once a week to prevent harmful deposit build up. Careful and thorough car protection will ensure that your car will protect you. Happy motoring!

Image by dankos – Fotolia