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Is the App-Market Saturated?

Is the App-Market Saturated?The smartphone App Market is seemingly one of the most lucrative markets out there; whether on Android, Apple or Windows, millions of people around the world pay for and use apps on a regular basis. It seems like a perfect market for any developer to invest their time and hard work into. But is it possible that the glittering success stories of a handful of apps have overshadowed the failure of many other app developments? Perhaps the app world is becoming saturated and the scope to develop new ideas is increasingly restricted. On the other hand, new ideas are constantly being formulated, so to say that the App-Market is completely saturated is questionable.

500,000 Apps: is there really any room for more?

Recent estimations by App-Market leaders have suggested that there are 500,000 applications available to download for smartphones or Tablet Computers, either purchasable or free. Within this enormous range, there is everything from ‘simple’ apps, such as e-mail and video calling functions, to company apps and to games. It seems that whatever possible application you can think of, there is already an alternative. For many developers, this has been the problem. Tapping into the lucrative market is appealing, but when the product goes on sale, very few downloads occur. Furthermore, it seems as though the actual marketing of an app is more important; without extensive or ingenious marketing, an app is sadly, likely to fail.

The million-dollar idea?

Whilst it is possible to remain pessimistic about the expansion of the App-Market, there have been ‘breakthrough apps’ which have created millions in revenue. Every week we are alerted to a new craze in the app world, highlighting the fact that there is constant development and change. Ranging from social networking tools to highly addictive games, these ingenious ideas might be few and far between, but they show how the market is not necessarily saturated. Yes, it may be difficult for many developers to tap into the market, but there is also always room for a brand new idea!

The sheer number of apps available may seem overwhelming, suggesting that the market is saturated and no longer penetrable, but there is evidence to suggest that refreshing, new ideas are welcomed and can be an instant success. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, but with the right marketing and more importantly, the right idea, it is questionable to suggest that the App-market is fully saturated.

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