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How to Avoid Viruses on Your Computer

How to Avoid Viruses on Your ComputerTrojan Horses, worms, malware, spyware, adware: these are all categories of computer virus. They all behave and replicate in your computer in different ways causing sometimes irreversible damage and exposing your personal files and documents.

Invest in Good Virus Protection

There are many free virus protection programmes available on the web, so there is no excuse not to have some kind of barrier between your hard drive and those nasty viruses. Although these are great as a temporary measure, it is advisable to invest in a good piece of virus protection software such as MacAfee or Norton Security. These come with firewall and will scan your computer on a regular basis ensuring there is no data corruption. You can also run scans on files and the software will delete any potentially deadly programs they find. Add anti-spyware and adware software and you will have full protection.

Do Not Open Unsolicited Emails

This may seem like the most obvious way to prevent a computer virus but it is unbelievable how many people insist on opening emails from people they don’t know. Sheer curiosity can drive people to make the mistake of opening attachments when they are unaware of what’s inside. Whatever you do, do not open any attachments unless you have scanned them first.

Get Your Software from the Source

If you wish to download a piece of software from the web, try to download it from the company website. Any other websites which offer this software may not be legitimate and this is a common way to download undetectable bugs into your machine.

Update Regularly

If your computer offers you a new update, download it immediately. The latest version is there for a reason and it’s usually because it has found a way to tackle a security problem with the previous version. Computer programs are constantly being updated to stay ahead of the hackers who are always finding new ways of corrupting computer systems.
Last but not least, try to avoid suspicious websites. This may seem difficult, but as you browse the web you will learn which websites are legitimate and which have an unsavoury look about them.

Picture: Pavel Ignatov – Fotolia