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The Best Computer Systems For Gamers

Modern computer games need modern computersComputer games have come a long way from the first games like Pong, but this has come at a price. The rapid improvements in hardware capabilities coupled with the ruthless competition between studios wanting to outdo each other with graphical fidelity means that if you want to run a modern AAA game, you need a monster computer system to benefit the most from all the bloom and anti-aliasing. This does however come at a price, but money being no object what is the absolute cream of the crop at this moment?

They Come In Peace

Alienware have long been regarded as one of the premium distributors of gaming systems and it’s not hard to see why. Their systems cost the Earth, but they look like they come from Outer Space with neon being the order of the day and named things such as “Area-51” and “Aurora”. Under the hood, they pack just as much of a punch as they normally boast dual GPUs and more than enough RAM.


Another powerhouse in the gaming world, CyberPower have a track record of delivering quality computer systems with more bang for your buck than Alienware. In fact one of the most powerful ready built computers available is one created by the company. They tend not to look as flashy but the Black Pearl model, for example, with an overclocked i7 processor, dual GPUs and 12GB of RAM will take anything you throw at it and still be hungry for more.

The Pick of the Bunch?

With all that in mind, the best computer systems however don’t have a brand on them; they’re the ones the gamers make themselves or are at the very least partly custom made. The majority of the price that comes from a big manufacturer is the name. That same money can be spent making your own computer which destroys the competition and will be able to run any game on max for the next 5 years without needing an upgrade, which is a lifetime in the gaming world.

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