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The Best Virus Protection Software for Computers

The Best Virus Protection Software for Computers

The importance of finding and installing some type of virus protection software onto your computer cannot be underestimated. Unprotected PCs and laptops are extremely vulnerable to a wide range of infections and security threats including malware, spyware, adware, worms, hackers, potential identity theft and Trojans, to name but a few. Not only is it impossible to remove such viruses and infections without appropriate protection, but the likelihood is that unprotected computers are continually infected without the owner even knowing.

Finding the best virus protection software for computers used to be quite a complicated and confusing process. Older software often meant substantial system slowdown among other annoying consequences. However, new advances in technology have enabled a much more effective selection of anti-virus software which not only protects your computer but does not compromise on speed and efficiency of resources.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012

This software ranks among the best virus protection packages available. Boasting simple usability, solid protection and high quality performance, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 is a relatively inexpensive, high quality software which is easy to use and available to download. It includes a range of features which maximize on protection and threat-scanning, including a step-by-step installation and maintenance guide for those who are less computer savvy.

2. AVG Anti-Virus 2012

The AVG brand of virus protection software is still as reliable and effective as ever and now comes with even more advanced protective qualities and expanded features. The latest version offers increased abilities in detection, removal and repair, as well as layers of protection which anticipate potential new threats and even scans links within social media platforms.

3. Kapersky Anti-Virus 2012

Though this is among the more expensive virus protection software packages, Kapersky Anti-Viirus 2012 does offer a lot for your money. Boasting a success rate of 100% in the detection of new threats, this reliable and effective software is both simple to use and highly professional as well as offering a selection of customizable features. It also features 24/7 support available in several forms including online. For all this, and the fact that the price includes a three user license, this is a highly recommended and effective overall protection package.

With an increasing number of new and complex threats to computers advancing each day, paying a price for peace of mind is certainly a worthwhile and rewarding thing to do. Whether you are a heavy PC user or an occasional browser, it is vital that you remain protected and updated against unwanted invasions and security risks. Bitdefender Anti-Virus Plus, AVG Anti-Virus and Kapersky Anti-Virus (2012) are all highly capable and innovative virus protection software packages which will give you peace of mind as well as protection and performance of the highest standard.

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