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Is it Better to Update or Replace an Old Computer?

Is it Better to Update or Replace an Old Computer?When deciding to update or replace your old computer, you are basically deciding whether to import a few newer, more up-to-date components such as a new DVD drive, or change everything by buying a totally new machine. But before you decide anything, ask yourself some questions.

What do I want from my computer?

Do you want it to be faster? Do you want it to be more reliable? Do you want to run the latest gaming software? These and similar questions will provide you with a sound reason for either updating or replacing your old computer. You might even come to the conclusion that you don’t need to update or buy a new model, and that you have been seduced by all the slick sales and marketing. But, before you do decide what to do, be sure that you have answered the questions honestly. The only loser, if you cheat, will be you.

How much money do I have to spend?

Having answered the previous questions, you are now in a position to calculate how much a new computer would cost as opposed to a few well-chosen upgrades. Furthermore, consider the fact that new computers are hitting the market with enormous frequency, so do your research and find out if the one you are contemplating will be out-of-date as soon as you have got it home. Another scenario that presents itself is that you may just fall short of having the necessary financial wherewithal to buy the computer you really want, and so be tempted to settle for something a little less than ideal. In that case, think about postponing the big purchase for a few months until you have saved up, and in the meantime, purchase one or two small upgrades to keep you going.

Will I be able to find the upgrades I need?

The upgrades will certainly be available; the only problem lies with the age of your computer. With computer technology advancing so rapidly, you may find that your particular model is too old to be able to run the latest upgrades, which, of course, leaves you with little choice as to what action to take. There’s no set rule for when an old computer is too old to be updated, although you could be looking at problems with anything over three years old. There is also the possibility that you require many upgrades because of the computer’s age and they are more expensive than buying a new computer.

So, when thinking about updating or replacing your old computer, give serious though to both your computer usage and your budget.

Picture: Aleksey Dmetsov – Fotolia