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External Hardware Necessities for Computers

External Hardware Necessities for ComputersPeripherals are often an important component when putting together a computer system. Sometimes peripheral devices are as critical as the central processing unit (CPU). Every computer needs a minimum of three things to operate. These are input devices, calculation devices and output devices. The CPU is usually fed input from a keyboard, mouse, microphone or other input unit and when the necessary calculations are performed, the output is displayed to the user. Output can be through a monitor, speakers or a printer and a complete system should be designed with these three items in mind.

Purchasing the best equipment

A computer may be kitted out with the best CPU and it may have the most powerful graphics card on the market, however, this is of no use to the user if the screen intended to display the output is not up to scratch. The same can be said for data that is sent to a printer. If an image has not been displayed properly on the screen, it is unlikely to be printed as the user requires it. Even the consumables in the printer will have an impact on the printed image: for example, if someone uses a Panasonic printer they should use Panasonic printer ink to get the best results. Using after-market products instead of original Panasonic printer ink would give a reasonable image, but the people who designed and tested the Panasonic printer, would have spent a long time perfecting the ink cartridges because this is a major component of their product.

Making a comparison and a compromise

In order to achieve the best results, an accurate evaluation of computing output requirements should be completed. Purchasing the best printing equipment could be a waste of resources if the screen used to display images prior to printing is sub-standard.

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