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The Five Most Eco-friendly Electronic Gadgets

The Five Most Eco-friendly Electronic Gadgets

With so many new and cool gadgets hitting the market every day, consumers can never be sure just how much effect they are having on the world in regards to their carbon footprint. You don’t want to give up your electronics, but you want to make sure that it’s all eco-friendly, so that you won’t be negatively affecting the environment for years to come. While eco-friendly isn’t always cheap, you can be sure to find some good things online.

Gadgets that won’t cost the earth

The water powered alarm clock, by Bedol, is an amazing piece of technology that works entirely on the water you pour into the top, and you only have to replace the water once every six months or so. This clock uses the ions inside the water to power itself, without any additives such as chemicals or lemon juice or anything! This clock is a perfect, green start to your morning, and comes in a range of colours and styles, from $16 to $39. A classic and always useful eco-gadget is the hand-cranked torch. These are made by a whole range of companies, in a whole range of styles. Starting from the cheap $1 torches, which you can buy almost anywhere, to the $50+ range, which sometimes are both hand-cranked, and solar powered. These torches are always a good idea to have at home, not just because of how good for the environment they are, but because if you have an emergency power outage, a hand-cranked torch is just what you need to help. For a product that is built on eco-friendly terms, why not get the TerraCycle Eco Speakers. They’re made from recycled cardboard and plastic packaging, mostly snacks such as M&Ms or Cheetos. This makes both a wonderfully bright and fantastically green product. They’re flat packed, but not hard to construct, and you can find them easily for less than $15. They work with all gadgets that have a conventional audiojack, such as iPods and most phones.

Green power, for all your gadgets

Solar panels are often used to power gadgets, but which is the best? Well, the FreeLoader portable charger is a fantastic option. While not cheap at $44.99, you can charge it both by USB or by solar power, and this charge can then be held for three months. Perfect when you’re relaxing on the beach or in desperate need of a charge on the go. An almost completely eco-friendly piece of technology is the nPower peg. No need for wind or sun, you just keep it on you, and it charges using kinetic power. While the most expensive on this list at $170, and not officially out yet, this is definitely something to watch, and perfect for those who are frequent hikers.

Picture: olly – Fotolia