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The Future of the Home Computer: Will the iPad Take Over?

The Future of the Home Computer: Will the iPad Take Over?With the advancement of the iPad and other high-tech devices, many people are wondering just how long it will be before the home computer becomes obsolete. A lot of people fall in love with the iPad at first sight and it is true that they offer the most advanced technology currently available on the consumer market. However, can the iPad really replace home computer in the future?

The Future of Home Computer

In times gone by, a lot of people relied on their desktop computers to work, play and interact online. However, in more recent years, more and more people have switched from desktop computers to laptops. Due to their light weight and portability, laptops can be carried from place to place, whether it is school, work, the library or just around the house. Having a laptop is extremely convenient, since you do not need to set aside a specific space in the house for the computer, nor do you have to spend an endless amount of time assembling and disassembling the CPU, the monitor, the keyboard and other accessories every time you want to move it to another place.
Desktop computers are, however, not dead yet, since most workplaces use desktop computers as their work equipment. Desktops are more reliable and tend to last longer than laptops. Most people have a desktop at home and a laptop to carry around with them.

Can the iPad take over the Role of Home Computers?

This question is very much a matter of debate. Some people who firmly believe in the development of technology think that over the next decades, iPad and other high-tech devices will take over the role of home computers. However, as thing stand, this eventuality is a long way away. iPads still need to be developed more and include more functionality before they can satisfy the needs of a tech-savvy user. Most softwares and applications are geared towards PCs and Mac computers, while only a small percentage of softwares are produced for the iPad. The iPad also does not have enough external ports for USB, HDMI, S-Video, DVD drive and other devices. With this in mind, the home computer cannot be written off just yet, but only time will tell just how long it can survive.

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