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Improving Your Computer’s Memory

Improving Your Computer's MemoryWhen the computer runs out of RAM and virtual memory, problems occur. If your computer is slow to respond to program menu commands, takes longer to open multiple tabs or is unable to open applications, then it is time to improve your computer’s memory.

The problem occurs with the use of more applications than can be handled by the computer. Certain programs and applications hog valuable memory space which slows down the computer and reduces its overall efficiency. Improving the memory becomes easy with these tips.

Running fewer programs

Most people have the habit of using multiple applications or programs. When two or more high memory usage programs are used at the same time, it puts extra stress on the RAM. The additional virtual memory gets used up and the computer slows down. You can avoid low memory problems by using fewer programs at a time.

Background applications

While the use of multiple programs cannot be always avoided, some programs can be temporarily shut down. Certain application began on start-up and continue to run in the background. Use the task manager menu to identify these and cancel the unnecessary ones. Browsers add-ons and plugins can consume a lot of memory. Turn them off when they are not required.

Increase virtual memory size

Computers operating on Windows use virtual memory when the RAM gets overloaded. This can be increased to provide additional space for storing and operating programs. Since the hard drive is utilised to create this temporary memory, too much of it can have the opposite effect and slow down your computer. Computers work best when reading from the RAM.

Using Cleanup programs

There are free and paid programs available that help remove the clutter of unused programs and old, corrupt files. Sometimes uninstalled programs leave behind files on your computer. These programs can move such files and help in efficient operation of computers.

When none of these options work for you, it is time to upgrade your RAM. Be sure to buy one compatible with your system.

Picture: Lincoln Rogers – Fotolia