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The scariest computer games ever

The scariest computer games everHorror movies allow you to immerse you in scary worlds but a game is interactive enabling you to play a part in the terror and therefore scarier. Since the idea of a scary game like Alone In the dark and Resident Evil kicked off in the 90s, these games now bring you into an unflinchingly detailed world where your actions decide your fate.

That interactivity adds a real element allowing survival horror games such as the list below to chill your blood and quicken the heart.

Dead Space

Both Dead Space 1 and 2 launch the player into a nightmarish world in the depths of space on a scary game factor 10 on a scale to 10. It’s as close to a real fright as any game has managed to achieve. As you walk around the deserted mining ship found floating in orbit of a planet, you hear things scuttling around in the dark, monstrous screeches coming at you and if slow, it could be your head. Top rated choice for horror fans.

Left 4 Dead

Zombie games remain so popular amongst horror game fans. This one pits your wits against a world gone to hell as marauding zombies are all that is left in a post apocalyptic nightmare. These zombies really move, if they see you, they come running frantically mouths salivating and you better hope your gun is loaded.

Doom 3

It is years now since the remake of Doom emerged scaring the pants off gamers in a way unheard of previously. It’s not a sequel but a reimagining of the original Doom game from 1994. Here you find yourself quickly overrun by the forces of darkness plucked by mistake from the depths of Mars. Not long after arriving for your new post on Mars, all hell breaks loose, and the colonists quickly turn into undead creatures and waste no time in trying to kill you fast. The game remains popular and still runs ok on today’s machines.


‘On the fence’ is how gamers describe this one. Its playability tests the hardened patience of anyone but as a horror game, it is a true fright. You play a member of an elite team of soldiers with special telekinetic powers, and an arsenal of futuristic weapons. The game has demons, ghouls, and enough ethereal scary beings to keep you interested, or is it terrified.

Dead Island

The latest zombie venture places you on a paradise island in Papua New Guinea where a zombie outbreak has cut you off from the mainland. It’s a real survival game as you find yourself surrounded by holiday makers who have become flesh ripping undead creatures. It’s a beautifully designed game with lots of fast moving zombies so be ready with the knife, paddle or any other blunt weapon you can find.

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