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The Skill Requirements of a Computer Programmer

The Skill Requirements of a Computer Programmer

The convenience offered by computer programs for a range of different purposes has led to them being widely used within everyday life, especially within industry. This has led to an increasing need for computer programmers in order to meet the demand for programs, which necessitates the need for people to be sufficiently skilled to undertake the role.


In the first instance, an individual must be able to do more than simply call themselves a computer programmer. Those that attempt to set themselves up as a computer programmer because they have logged an extensive number of hours playing computer games will not get very far. Knowledge of at least one programming language is essential to ensure any hope of getting an appropriate role as a computer programmer. Whether this was undertaken through self-study or by way of class; a skilled computer programmer must be proficient in their chosen field.

Mental Ability

Having the ability to think on one’s feet in order to solve problems as they arise is essential for a skilled computer programmer. In the event of any issues, it will often be necessary to figure out how it has arisen and to determine the most efficient way to resolve it. This involves a range of skills, including problem solving, decision making and a good memory. Similarly, a quick and focused mind helps to provide a good eye for detail, which can help to spot where adjustments need to be made. In order to keep up to date with the latest developments in programming, a good computer programmer must be willing and
able to learn new skills.

Writing and Numeracy

Reading, writing and numeracy skills need to be at a high level in order to accurately deal with the programming language that the computer programmer is skilled in, such as Javascript, C++ or Virtual Basic .NET. These skills can also be carried forward in learning new techniques.


Whether orally or in writing, it is necessary for a programmer to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients. Whether to advise on work that needs to be undertaken or to confirm what has been done, information must be able to be transferred in a clear and effective manner.

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