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Staying Healthy When Working With Computers

Staying Healthy When Working With ComputersThose who spend long periods sitting in front of a computer screen need to consider the health impacts of their occupation and take the necessary steps to prevent injury or adverse effects. Those who ignore possible dangers are subject to back and neck injuries, eyestrain and a myriad of other complaints including carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury.


Working with computers is necessary in the modern world for communication, sharing information and a multitude of other tasks from desktop publishing to graphic design. There is no single industry that is untouched by the reach of the computer and we need to consider our health while using them. Ergonomics solves many of these issues as ergonomically designed office furniture will prevent bad posture, place the monitor at its correct height and prevent repetitive strain injuries. Specially designed keyboards and mice will also help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and a carefully positioned footrest will do wonders for your back and neck. Document holders should be used to position reference material at monitor height while typing.


Some users can develop eyestrain or other issue from prolonged periods staring at the screen. Look at a distant object from time to time to time to avoid this. Ensure that your area is adequately lit but in a way that does not permit glare on your screen. Consider purchasing an anti-glare screen if necessary to prevent it. Wearers of contact lenses should not spend too much time in front of a computer. Wear glasses at work if possible.

In addition to the above, those working with computers should take a short break every 30 minutes – just to stretch your legs and perhaps perform a few stretching exercises. The use of wireless headsets will allow you to walk around while on a call and some voice recognition software is accurate enough to allow the user to dictate documents while out of your chair. In other words, use any available technology that allows you to stand up. Avoid snacking while working as users have a tendency to put on weight rapidly in an occupation where physical exercise is lacking.

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