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The Best Headphones for MP3 Players

A woman with headphones keeping her eyes closed and relaxing to music.With so many different styles, price ranges and sound qualities to choose from, buying the perfect MP3 headphones can be almost impossible. So here’s a guide to three of the best brands on the market now.


Famed for their colourful design and excellent sound quality Skullcandy provide a stylish and affordable option. The Skullcandy range is lightweight and compact meaning the headphones are perfect for when you’re on the go or relaxing. All the brand’s headphones come with articulating ear cups and adjustable head strap to improve comfort. Most importantly the sound quality is as good as anything available in the same price range, meaning you can hear every note without paying a fortune.

Beats By Dr Dre

Beats by Dr Dre are the final word in MP3 headphones. Boasting the best sound quality on the market and an aesthetic and style that attracts everyone from Rita Ora to Kobe Bryant they really are the ultimate choice for music lovers. Beats By Dr Dre may be at the higher end of the price scale but the noise cancelling technology, excellent bass register and crisp high end are worth every penny. Best of all the headphones are compatible with all the technology you might own. From iPods and iPad’s to Mac’s and Dell laptops Beats by Dr Dre really can do it all.

AKG Headphones

Perhaps the least recognisable name on the least but don’t let that fool you. AKG are a mid-price range headphone that offer superb sound quality, great comfort and excellent design quality, all for a very affordable price. What most people notice first about the AKG is the comfort and usability, with the head band and ear cups easily adjustable and the material quality as good as anything else on the market, it’s possible to use the AKG for hours at a time without any feelings of soreness or discomfort. A stylish affordable option that combines great sound quality and excellent design.

Image: Vickyvee – Fotolia