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The Best Laser Printers on the Market

Laser printers are widely usedThere are many laser printers available but how do you know if you have the best one? Is it worth opting for Samsung printer products, Lexmark or HP printers? With so many different ones to choose from, it is important to consider your own needs, your budget and the running costs of the products.

All-in-One or Printing

All-in-one printers have become popular over the last five years or so. They offer the ability to print, photocopy and scan items; some will even allow a user to fax their documents. When these were first released, they were relatively expensive. They offered the benefit of not buying a separate scanner or spending money at a copy shop to have photocopies made, but for that you needed to pay. They have now reduced considerably in price and is it possible to buy a good all-in-one printer for as little as £30!


The Cost of Ink

While a printer may cost just £30 to buy, consider the cost of replacing the ink each time. Do some research by looking at the prices in the store and then checking the prices online. The good news is that there is the option to have cartridges refilled or you can do it yourself with a refill kit, which will help to save money but not all companies offer suitable cartridges.


The Reliability of the Printer and Company

Research the printer that you consider buying to determine whether it will be reliable. Will something stop working after a month or two? Are repairs easy? Most printers will come with a one year guarantee but that does not mean you want to keep taking it back and forth to the shop! Also, research more about the company to make sure suitable ink will always be available and there will not be an issue if there is a fault.


Picture: Pixelot – Fotolia