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The World’s Biggest Computer Game Fares

The World's Biggest Computer Game FaresThe 2013 Gamescom will run from 21 to 25 August. It will be the fifth time this annual video game exhibition takes place. The venue will be the same as for all the previous fares: Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany. The Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software organises the annual video game trade fair to highlight the latest video and computer games and increase interest in them. In fact, Gamescom trade fares have significantly contributed to the increase in sales of the video games. They held the first one in August 2009. Exhibitors and visitors to the fares come from all over the world.

Increase in Popularity

Popularity of the fares significantly increases every year. In fact, participants at 2012 Gamescom increased to 557 exhibitors from 39 countries. They came to display and introduce their newest interactive video games and associated hardware. Electronic Arts and Sonny are some of the major video game developers who exhibit at Gamescom. Further, the number of visitors to the fair has also been increasing every year. They come to discover new games and test them. More than 275,000 visitors attended 2012 Gamescom. The huge attendance makes them the World’s biggest video game fares. The organisers increased the area of the trade fair to 140,000 square metres and introduced advanced booking to ease the last minute rush for tickets. In fact, the number of visitors to the 2013 Gamescom may surpass the 2012 figure. Consequently, there will be pressure on available accommodation facilities in Cologne. Therefore, book early if you intend to visit the fair because it may be difficult to find last minute accommodation.

Expended Theme

The content of the games for each fair has expanded compared to previous fairs. For instance, the 2012 Gamescom introduced social and mobile games. However, content of the earlier fares concentrated on online, console and personal computer games. Further, the future trend of the games will concentrate on daily themes especially internet smart phones to incorporate video games in social networking. Furthermore, advances in the development of online games have enabled highly refined graphics and made the games more interactive and enjoyable. In fact, 2013 Gamescom will be the most interesting one. Therefore, do not wait to find last minute accommodation because it is important to attend.

Picture: Marcito – Fotolia