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The World’s Biggest Technology Fairs

The World's Biggest Technology FairsHow do you get entrepreneurs, journalists and consumers under the same roof for technology related activities? The answer lies in events that reveal new trends and provide insights on the latest technology.

These annual fairs such as CES, CeBIT and MWC appeal to enthusiasts and offer a tantalising view into the future. This ranges from innovations and upgrades in tablets and smartphones to better use of artificial intelligence, location and voice technology in personalised search systems.

CES – Consumer Electronics Show

This international show is the largest one when it comes to consumer electronics. It is held in Las Vegas, USA in January and sees the launch of new high tech products and gadgets every year. The consumer fair also showcases innovations from health tech groups and start-ups. The show attracted over 3250 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors this year. Labelled the [Super Bowl of technology, the event attracts companies from Samsung and Panasonic to Coca Cola and Unilever.


This biannual technology fair is held in London and Paris in the months of June and December respectively. An important event in the European calendar, it focuses on web based shared technology and its importance in the everyday world. The conferences attract over 3000 influential participants ranging from entrepreneurs, investors, speakers and technology buffs.

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The CeBIT is a leading event for digital business and trends. This annual fair is held in Hanover, Germany in March with an infrequent sister event being held outside Germany. The CeBIT, once the best technology fair, has lost some of its sheen in recent years. Despite this, it attracts exhibitors and consumers alike. With Poland joining in as the event partner, 2013 brought 4000 companies and 285,000 visitors to the five day event. The fair showcases innovations and trends, many which came from start-ups.

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Picture: BERND STUHLMANN – Fotolia