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Are 80s Styles Coming Back Into Fashion?

Are 80s Styles Coming Back Into Fashion?It’s said that fashions are cyclical, and that every popular style or trend will eventually come back around after some set amount of time. However, does this mean that 80s style is now coming back into fashion?

A Touch of Déjà Vu…

Those who were around during the 80s may find that some of the fashions they’re seeing around lately are a little on the familiar side. Baggy, oversize sweaters, obnoxiously neon jeans and big hair all seem to be making a comeback on the catwalks and in the high streets. There is no question, it seems that 80s style is making a return. Anyone who isn’t too young to remember 80s style and fashion will undoubtedly feel as though the big shoulders and shredded fishnets have come back to haunt them, but it would appear that designers have sensed that it is time for another revival now that the current generation – who weren’t there at the time – are old enough to spend their income on such fashions.

… But With Something Missing

However, 80s style didn’t happen without a reason. A big part of the fashions of the era was a kind of rebelliousness, a need to trump convention, to be flamboyant and say you didn’t care. Unfortunately, due to the current economic woes befalling half the world, such characteristic flamboyance may prove hard to pull off and for many, “over the top” is likely to be well out of reach. As such, it could be argued that the current resurrection of 80s fashion is missing a little something; without that characteristic flamboyant flair or the drive for controversy or “outsider status”, can it really be said that this new emerging trend is true 80s style?

Truthfully, the bottom line is that it may not matter. Nothing else has ever looked quite like the 80s, and when those distinctive 80s styles and fashions make a return, it’s difficult to mistake them for anything else.

IMG: Remy Musser – Fotolia