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Beach Fashion for Summer Holidays

Beach Fashion for Summer HolidaysNothing is more fun than the excitement of packing for a beach holiday. Assembling outfits for sunny days, warm beach excursions or tropical climates makes a fantastic change for most people who don’t get to enjoy as much sun as they would like. Beach fashion really has an entire set of rules in itself and while many women shudder at the thought of themselves in teeny weeny swimwear, there really is no need for any hesitation as there are so many diverse and wide-ranging styles and trends in swimwear this season that all shapes, sizes, tastes and budgets can be easily catered to.


Getting a bathing suit can be tricky. But the real trick to this is to understand your shape and then chose a style that flatters it. Many women opt for things that they like, as opposed to what works for them. Bikinis and extreme cut-out swimwear pieces should really be left for the ultra-confident. More modest bikinis, tankinis and one-piece suits are a lot more forgiving and come in a great range of styles. Try a retro inspired one piece, with a halter strap and balcony bust cut, for vintage glamour. A tankini is a great way to show more skin while still covering up a tummy. Opt for neon shades and quirky prints that are very on trend this season.


The accessories are the fun part of any outfit. This summer, anything goes when it comes to sunglasses, cover ups, sun hats, flip-flops, sandals, kaftans and sarongs. Try a cats eye or oversize sunglasses style for instant sophisticated appeal. There are a whole host of cover-up styles available. Look for those that are very sheer while also using an unusual print. Geometric, abstract, animal and tribal prints are extremely on trend at the moment, so use your cover up to make a statement. Also try embellishment on footwear for an easy way to add some sparkle.

Picture: Dan Race – Fotolia