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Boxers or Briefs? Men’s Fashion dos and don’ts


Sexy young man shirtlessWith both Boxers and Briefs having their advantages and disadvantages, men are faced with a problem: do they go for the airy and comfortable boxer shorts, or do they stick with the supportive and flexible briefs? To attempt to resolve the ongoing debate would be somewhat nonsensical, given that both styles of men’s underwear have their ups and downs. However, this guide will endeavor to point out the ‘dos and don’ts’ when choosing men’s underwear and will suggest ways of avoiding the classic underwear faux pas!

Should you go for the boxer shorts?

The boxer short is arguably more of a popular choice amongst men in contemporary society. Why is this? Aside from the fact that they are often more comfortable, cool and can act as a reasonable garment to wear around the house, they can also show off your personality far more then briefs. With a huge range of different designs, colours and patterns of the boxer short, they seem like an ‘easy’ choice for any man. However, they are not always practical – they can’t be worn with every sort of trousers or shorts, unlike their humble friend, ‘the briefs’.

Goodbye, Y-Front’s, there’s a new sort of brief!

Briefs have often gotten a fair bit of slack in the past. Long associated with briefs were the Y-Fronts – the un-cool, unflattering yet bizarrely dominant choice of underwear. Y-Fronts are certainly inferior to the boxer shorts, but there is now competition from the modern-day extra-supportive briefs. Advertised by charming male models sporting 10-packs, the briefs have had a new lease of life. But this can be deceptive; obviously the tight, white briefs aren’t going to suit all body types…

Overall both types of underwear have their ups and downs. Whilst the debate may never be resolved, there is hope in the form of a range of stylish FCUK fashion underwear, Calvin Klein underwear, Armani underwear…in fact, any major brand you can think of will have their own range; with styles and patterns to suit any man, whether they sport the briefs or the boxers, or both!

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