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How to Break into the Fashion Design Industry

How to Break into the Fashion Design IndustryIf you’re a fashion design student with a burning ambition to enter the fashion world you’ll need a strong combination of fashion flair and business sense. An innovative strategy, great sense of design and excellent business and marketing skills are required to be successful in the challenging world of clothing design. Hard work combined with innovative design skills and business acumen can earn you a place on the fashion runway.

Determine your Goals

It’s important to clarify your personal goals. Do you want to work for yourself or for a notable fashion house? Do you want a small business or a design empire? The answers to these questions will help to guide your choices as you enter the industry.


Gaining valuable work experience is a crucial step in the right direction. Working as an intern will expose you to the fast paced, often gruelling nature of the fashion design industry and also provide scope for meeting relevant people and the social networking which is so much a part of the fashion scene.

Who you know is sometimes more important than how hard you work or how creative you are in the fashion world. New York and Los Angeles are indeed great places to find an apprenticeship but London offers excellent opportunities for budding designers and don’t forget that local fashion designers in almost any town can offer designers scope to gain experience.

Business Skills

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a business loan or using your savings as startup capital you’ll need to brush up on your financial skills if you choose to launch your own fashion line. Not only will you need to understand general business budgeting, you’ll also need to understand how to calculate wholesale margins, taxes, and salary payments for yourself and your staff.

Since most fashion designers are more creative than business savvy, this may mean taking small business management classes or investing in a tutor. It is an excellent idea to enlist the help of both an accountant an attorney if your fashion career begins to flourish.

Picture: Atelier Sommerland – Fotolia