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Choosing the Right Perfume to Match Your Look

Choosing the Right Perfume to Match Your LookWith so many different perfumes out there on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one best suits your image. Perfumes have particular undertones; whether they are fresh, floral, musky or woody, there is a perfume to suit everyone and to match any look. Furthermore, with the perfume samples from GLOSSYBOX, finding the right perfume to match your look has become much easier.

Outfits for ‘fresh’ perfumes

Perfumes are essentially a blend of oils and aromas, so there are many different scents available. Fresh perfumes are perhaps most mainly marketed at women; they are usually ‘floral’ or ‘fruity’ perfumes. With undertones such as different flowers – as with ‘floral’ perfumes – and ‘fruity’ perfumes such as citrus fruits or red fruits, these perfumes are perfect for summer outfits. They complement pastel hues and floral designs in particular, which is perfect because both of these trends are in fashion for this summer! The more classic ‘fresh’ smells which have a particular distinct smell definitely suit statement outfits, such as monochrome or bold prints.

Outfits for ‘woody’ or ‘spicy’ perfumes

Some people tend to stay away from these perfume types because they can be quite strong in smell, yet with the right outfit, you can look and smell great! Both smells are quite old-fashioned yet they can be comforting, so an outfit which reflects comfort and style will definitely suit the perfumes. In particular, winter outfits such as dark or opulent coloured chunky knits and scarves, paired with flattering jeans and comfortable boots are a perfect match with these fragrances. The strength in smell is not something to hide away from because usually the perfume can complete and perfect the outfit!

Whether you are choosing ‘fresh’ summer perfumes or wintery ‘woody’ and ‘spicy’ perfumes, it is important to carefully select the right fragrance. Some perfumes will suit one person more than the other, but this does not mean that you will never find the right ‘fresh’ perfume. With the perfume samples from GLOSSYBOX, you can pick and choose which aromas work best for you without having to spend a fortunate going through a whole routine of trial and error.

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