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Combine Casual and Formal with Designer Handbags

Combine Casual and Formal with Designer HandbagsThere are times when a completely casual or entirely formal look just won’t do. Very often a little of both is required in order to create a look that appears stylish and dressy while also effortless. This can be easily achieved with the right accessories. Designer handbags are just one way that formal and casual elements can be brought together in a simple but effective way. By adding that designer touch, even plain outfits can be instantly transformed into elegance, perfect for transitioning to evening events. For further information on designer handbags, browse through the selection on offer here.

Casual Outfits

Casual outfits usually mean plain items, covered up looks or muted colors. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot be instantly made to look more glam and elegant. By choosing the right shoes and accessories, outfits can be tweaked with little effort. Stick to muted colors for casual outfits such as stone and beige. Opt for patent flats and quality fabric in blouses and shirts. In order to dress the look up, add statement jewelry such as necklaces and rings, a pair of heels or a statement clutch bag with embellishment that will instantly stand out and add just the right amount of glitz for a more formal occasion.

Dressier Looks

For further information on how to wear designer handbags, have a look through current fashion magazines, websites and blogs for inspiration. Formal looks don’t always have to mean glamorous dresses, and that is one of the many appeals of the designer handbag. But even when a formal dress is worn, a handbag can easily set it off. More reserved, understated styles are great investment pieces and are very versatile. Choose larger, looser styles for even more versatility. Designer labels equal quality so whatever bag you choose you are guaranteed that it will last years to come.

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