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Does Fashion Really Demonstrate Personality?

Does Fashion Really Demonstrate Personality?Many people use clothing and personal style to express themselves. Whether they are fun, serious, kooky, creative, happy, sad; people can convey many feelings through what they wear, even if this is not deliberate or even noticed.

Bright colours can denote youth, fun and lightheartedness in a person, while darks convey the opposite – seriousness, sophistication or solemnity. By the same token, the way in which we put pieces together to create whole outfits can make a statement also.
Having a perfectly coordinated ensemble immaculately presented suggests a highly organised and efficient individual. Throwing together pieces without much thought or that do not match could suggest that the person doesn’t care about fashion, or that they have a unique individual style.

Clothing Can Convey Many Moods

Rather than simply stating that fashion can demonstrate personality, it may be more accurate to say that it can convey people’s moods. Somebody that wears an unusual and dramatic outfit may be usually quite reserved but in the moment they wear this outfit, their mood has shifted. Similarly, people who regularly wear bright and happy colours and pieces may choose to opt for darker or more simple outfits when the mood strikes. Personalities are complex things so to define it by one single outfit is probably impossible, besides the fact that the presentation of an outfit can be open to interpretation.

Clothing Can Convey What You Want

An interesting way of using fashion is to deliberately dress in a certain way, in order to make a deliberate impression or convey a specific mood or feeling. For example, when people go on interviews they dress in a way that presents them as efficient and professional individuals, even if they are not truly this way inclined. On dates and night out, women often dress in ways that promote themselves as attractive, fun and outgoing even when they don’t actually feel these things. Clothing can convey moods and personality, but these things change and do not necessarily reflect the true feelings or personality of the wearer.

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