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The Most Iconic Fashion Trend Setters of All Time

The Most Iconic Fashion Trend Setters of All TimeIn deciphering the most iconic fashion trend setters of all time, the question of just what makes a person a trend setter, let alone an iconic trend setter, comes into debate. Trend setters can be described as individuals with original style who set fashion trends that others follow.

Of these, there is an abundance, and it seems that new trend setters are identified on a regular basis. However, iconic trend setters are in another league. It is fair to say that what makes a trend setter iconic is their ability to not only develop styles that inspire their contemporaries, but styles that inspire future generations.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Possibly the most famous of fashion trend setters, Marilyn Monroe stands out as being the most emulated and identifiable of them all. Her style of sex kitten glamour combined with structured dresses and nipped-in waists ultimately became the defining look of the 1950s. Even her hair and make-up has been copied and re-imagined time and time again; bleached blonde curls with red lips and black flicked eyeliner is still a staple look of modern times.

2. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly another trend setter who has achieved iconic status. Her elegance and feline attributes remain a highly enviable style. Her image in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ has spawned a variety of interpretations. The chic, elegant and feminine structured dress with pearls and high chignon remains an image of fashion iconography, even today.

3. Kate Moss

In more recent decades, Kate Moss has perhaps been the most copied and talked about of trend setters. From the early 1990’s through to the late 2000’s, Moss’ bohemian style of eclectic looks, dishevelled hair and effortless, understated glamour has inspired a new generation of fashion followers. Vintage pieces, oversized accessories and skinny jeans are just some examples of the many fashion items that Moss has helped make an essential wardrobe item.

picture copyright: Simon Ebel – Fotolia