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Jewelry for Men

Jewelry for MenJewelry for men conjures up off-putting images such as the medallion man of bygone years. In this day and age designers have switch on to the idea that men are as much interested in jewelry as any fashion conscious woman. Thanks to this there is a large market for of jewelry for men for both formal and informal wear.

Hand Jewelry – Rings and Bracelets

In past years men would have only a wedding ring on their finger and nothing else would adorn their hand, but now a ring on the small finger of the hand where a wedding ring is not worn is also acceptable. If there is a ring on the wedding ring finger, a ring placed on the opposite hand should be the same colour metal.

Bracelets that are worn around the wrist can be overpowering when displayed prominently. Large bracelets are still in fashion, but care should be taken not to over dress a hand. If a thick bracelet is to be worn, it should be on a wrist that has no jewelry on the adjoining hand.

Neck Jewelry for Men

Thick chains and heavy jewelry are out of fashion and even over the top rappers have dispensed with this cringe-worthy display of opulence. Wearing a thin, but well crafted piece of jewelry is a far better way to complement any outfit. The rule of shade should be applied where there is nothing worn more than 5 shades lighter or darker than any items of clothing or other items of jewelry.

Ear Jewelry

This is a grey area and has changed many times over the years. There are many who believe a man should only wear a earring in one ear and depending on which ear it was worn would say a lot about a man’s sexuality. If an earring is to be worn it can depend on which part of the world you are to give out the correct message. It is not unknown for men to wear earrings in both ears now and designers like Gucci make a fantastic range for men.

Picture: Mykhailo Orlov – Fotolia