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Keeping Fashionable While Keeping Active

Keeping Fashionable While Keeping ActiveBeing active does not mean that you have to look dull and lacklustre. While you can’t possibly wear slinky heels, suits and glittery clothes while working out, there are several styles you can adopt to help stay in vogue.

Characteristics and benefits

One of the most obvious items of sportswear that can keep you looking stylish when working out is a tracksuit. Tracksuits consist of 2 pieces; a top and a bottom part. The top piece has usually long sleeves with garter cuffs, buttons or adjustable Velcro fastenings. Some jackets are also fitted with a hoodie for extra protection on a cold or rainy day. Zipper closures prevent the wind from getting in your body keeping it well-insulated.

A tracksuit is quite versatile as the top part can be converted into a casual jacket when you’re not working out. You can also buy them as separates. For example, you can get the Adidas tracksuit and interchange the pieces with other clothes in your closet.

Tracksuit bottoms pants have garters and draw strings making them versatile for everyone to wear even those who are a wee generous on the middle. Fabric composition varies, but polyester, rayon or viscose are ideal. These materials wick away moisture leaving you dry and free from humidity.

Designers and brands

Sports and leisurewear designers are working round the clock to come up with the most comfortable and fashionable designs of apparel. The Adidas tracksuit, for example, is a trendy and relaxing outdoor gear suitable to everyone. Nike, Puma, Reebok, Slazenger, B22, Goldigga, Vandanel, and Umbro are other brand names that produce top performance and stylish tracksuits.

Tracksuit essentials

Use halter and tank tops, polo shirts and regular tees made of cotton or combination fabrics to jazz up your outfits. Soft socks and a good pair of running shoes are also essential to protect and cushion your feet while keeping active. Include an absorbent towel in a smart sports bag and you’re all set for a vigorous day without sacrificing style.

Hence, a tracksuit is a wardrobe staple that everyone should consider. It is not only comfortable, durable, and useful but best of all, helps you look stylish while burning extra or unwanted calories.

Picture: Kzenon – Fotolia