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Why less is more in the world of fashion jewelry

Why less is more in the world of fashion jewelryFashion jewelry is the ideal way to spice up any outfit, however mundane. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt becomes something entirely different when dressed with a string of pearls, if you’re lucky enough to own such a fabulous item. However, it’s not all about pearls. It’s all those other pieces of fashion jewelry that you’ve picked up in High Street stores or in second hand shops that can help make the difference.

Overflowing with choice

When it comes to dressing for that special night out, the temptation is to put on all your favourites. Why not add a few more bangles, you might be thinking, or add an extra gold neck chain to go with the string of pearls?
Here’s the thing: when it comes to fashion jewelry; less really is more. If you have a quality item, let it shine out and be itself. Perhaps it’s a diamond on a simple silver chain. What could look more classy?

Bold is beautiful

But even if you don’t have precious stones, even if you don’t have real gold and silver, the same rule applies. Wear something bold and beautiful with absolute confidence, because that’s what the less is more approach is all about. It doesn’t matter whether the item you’re wearing – bangle, necklace or ring – cost a little or a small fortune, it’s the way you wear it that counts. Do you really want to wear bracelet after bangle on your wrist and spend the evening jangling your way across the dance floor? Well, perhaps if your look for the evening is a hippie one, but in all other instances, keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it confident -because when it comes to fashion jewelry, less really is more.

Image: dpaint – Fotolia