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What to look forward to in the world of fashion

What to look forward to in the world of fashionThe world of fashion is expected to have some exciting new trends for the coming year, and the Spring/Summer collections gave us some idea of what we can expect to cross over into the high street over the next few months.

New Looks for Spring 2013

After the patterned jeans and neon of winter 2012, the cocktail trouser trend has already hit the high street shops. Much easier to wear than the overly gaudy patterned jean, it’s a versatile and elegant addition to any wardrobe and is a taste of the more wearable looks in store for this year. Stella McCartney enjoyed a hugely successful year in 2012, due in no small part to her appointment as designer to the British Olympic Team. Her new collection features sportswear separates, and this is one trend that is going to be huge. Her oversized, semi-sheer tracksuit tops are wearable and tick several trend boxes at once. Victoria Beckham has also channelled the sheer look into her take on sportswear separates with semi-sheer shell tops worn over sports bras.
Sheer panels are everywhere, from the large such as Christopher Kane’s transparent shirt where the only opaque panel is the massive bow over the bust, to the sheer panelled white trousers shown at Emilio Pucci which are kept wearable with the addition of flowing shift tops.

Wearable Trends for The New Year

Shorts will be a massive hit in 2013. Bermuda shorts were shown at Chloe, where they were crisp and white, DKNY chose distressed denim and Rachel Zoe teamed black tailored Bermuda’s with a tailored jacket, thus covering two trends in one outfit. Short suits will be de rigeur for the office this Spring. Michael Kors showed monochrome stripes, and Emporio Armani went for a classic check. It’s not all about shorts in the world of fashion this year though, the Japanese dress is one to watch. Prada showed a beautiful pleated origami dress in black, while Etro went completely the opposite way and chose an oriental patterned white shift over white trousers. Emilio Pucci stuck with the traditional and the result was the kimono. Exaggerated sizes are a great trend for the New Year. From Jil Sanders pared down plum shift, to the oversized classic suits shown by Chanel, this is a look that is truly flattering. Marni even showed an oversized trench coat in classic beige.
Look out for variations of these looks and many more in the high street shops soon. 60’s silhouettes and knee high heels will also be big news. And for the boys, well Romeo Beckham’s Burberry campaign is big news, but not as big as ‘meggings’. Man leggings anyone?

IMG: Anyka – Fotolia