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Looking Stylish for 18 Holes: Fashion Tips for Golfers

Looking Stylish for 18 Holes: Fashion Tips for GolfersLooking good on the golf course can be harder than playing the game itself. Not only must one consider waterproofs and clothing that doesn’t restrict movement of the body’s main levers, but style is also an important consideration in this very fashion conscious game. From modern takes on the lozenge motif to dazzling sports casual designs in eye-catching tones, every golfer can look and feel good with a club in their hand.

Correct golfing attire for the day

Before putting your clubs in the car, check the weather forecast for the day ahead and organise your clothes accordingly. A number of brands have dedicated golf ranges which surprisingly do have an element of style as well as functionality. Traditionalists favour an outfit featuring classic pastel shades or the harlequin pattern which, although perhaps dated, can be adapted to modern trends with pleasing results. It is no longer the case that golfing attire is supposed to look horrible, these days one can be free to express oneself on the golf course. Some clubs do have a dress code and a few still prohibit women in trousers but, with good fashion sense, it is possible to look the part both on the course and in a sophisticated clubhouse.

The right shoes for the round

The golden rule of golf is that there should be exactly two colours on the torso and one on the bottom half; this can be surprisingly flexible in the choices of styles available. Prints are considered vulgar by the golfing community so geometric patterns are very much de rigeur. However, with shoes the golfer has an opportunity to complete the look. Obviously, you are not going to be wearing killer heels out on the golf course; that would be daft. When fashion is important, it is possible to find footwear which has a touch more elegance than ghastly two tone patent leather golf brogues. Add stylish designer shoes to your look on the golf course and, as well as offering comfort and protection, you will be relaxed knowing that you are looking good too. Whatever ensemble you choose, any golf enthusiast knows that the dew and areas of hazard on a golf course can be unforgiving to suede and textile footwear so leather and hardy synthetics are the only sensible options.

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