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How to make casual styles more eye catching

How to make casual styles more eye catchingIt seems like fashion today is all about getting as much attention as possible. With the 80s making a comeback (yet again), the catwalks seem to be full of bright, garish colours and over the top outfits. It can be a bit of a blow if you’re the type who prefers more casual styles over these overblown fashions.

Adding A Little Flair

One of the best ways to make casual styles more eye catching is to add a little extra colour. Now, this doesn’t have to be anything overstated by any means – it might be something as small as a brightly coloured accessory, expertly worn in a place you’d like to draw attention to. Bangles, rings and necklaces are all excellent candidates for this as they can seem like very small details, but can really help bring an otherwise simple outfit together and add just a touch of exuberance to casual styles. Another alternative is to pick one piece in your outfit – for example, the shirt, the belt, the shoes – and add your colour there, making it your centrepiece.

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Your clothes say so much about you as a person! Don’t forget that you’re dressing for yourself before anyone else, so try adding something that’s unique to you to your casual styles and watch those heads turn. Even if the rest of your outfit is fairly plain, if you’ve got an item you really like, such as a belt with an unusual buckle or a shirt with an unusual collar, consider adding this to your outfit, to really make people look twice. Charity shops are an excellent place to look for unusual bits and pieces, since they stock things unlikely to be found in high street chains. Keep your eyes peeled for things that are just a little out of the ordinary and add them to your wardrobe.

However, no matter what you do, remember not to worry too much about what people will think! Your fashion is all about you, so wear your favourite outfits and accessories and show everyone who you really are!

Image: Vasiliy Koval – Fotolia