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Matching a Handbag to an Outfit

Matching a Handbag to an OutfitMatching your accessories to your outfit in ways that compliment the overall look is a great way to create a polished and great looking image. There are several ways in which you can match your accessories to your clothing which mainly focus on whether or not you want your handbag to act as a subtle accent to compliment your outfit or as a statement piece in itself.

Subtle Ways of Matching Bags

Keeping within the colour family of your entire outfit is one way to add a subtle compliment to your look. For example of your outfit is mainly red, pick a handbag shade of a similar hue or a complimentary colour like navy to create a perfectly coordinated image. If you are wearing a bolder outfit then choose a shade that is quite muted and natural such as white, tan, beige or light grey so that you do not clash and let your outfit do the talking. Considering the size or style of bag to choose, it is perfectly acceptable to contrast styles, patterns and designs in line with current trends.

Dramatic Ways of Matching Bags

For more dramatic looks choose clashing prints, oversized bags and bright tropical colours and patterns for a stand-out image. For example if you are wearing a feminine frilly dress, why not choose a black leather studded arm piece for a current and interesting style clash that creates an entirely modern look. Choose colours from opposing ends of the spectrum for ultimate clashing power or even put a ditsy floral design against a tote of a large tropical bloom for a catwalk-ready outfit fit for any fashionista.

When matching accessories with outfits it is always better to imagine the overall look you want to achieve rather than individual items. If you want to make a statement choose bolder accessories that clash in some way. For more wearable styles pick neutral tones and timeless designs for versatility and usability which also allows for more accessible looks. Either way invest in more than one bag to base any style on!

Picture: Carola Vahldiek – Fotolia