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Why Are Retro Fashions Always so Popular?

Why Are Retro Fashions Always so Popular?Retro fashion has become big business in the past few years. You can buy vintage clothing and accessories online, while vintage boutiques have spread from large cities to smaller towns and suburbs. Yet this trend is nothing new. Fashion tends to run in cycles, with retro looks coming back decade after decade. There are a few influences that have helped bring about vintage fashion’s current resurgence in popularity.

The Influence of Pop Culture

Television shows like Mad Men and The Hour have provided a window into a lost era of perfectly tailored suits and flattering sheath dresses. Celebrities from Kirsten Dunst to Natalie Portman have been spotted in vintage looks on the red carpet, with even Kate Middleton seen sporting the retro trend recently. Retro fashion is perennially popular due to cultural influences, as it keeps popping up in the media.

Desire for Originality

When you buy a dress from a common high street brand like H&M, you’ll probably see other people wearing it at parties, on the street, or in the office. When you buy a vintage dress, you’re guaranteed to have a unique look all your own. Retro fashion allows you to play with a variety of different styles from different eras, mixing and matching the trends you like the most. This can lead to your own signature style unlike anyone else’s.


Used clothing from vintage boutiques and charity shops has experienced a boom in popularity in recent years as the economy has slowed down. If you only have 20 pounds to spend on a new outfit, you can find something unique and in remarkably good condition when you buy it used. The recession is another possible reason why retro fashions have become so popular recently.

Buying vintage clothing also allows you to pull together an individual sense of style, drawing on influences from the past. Retro fashion will always grow and change with the times as we move forward into the future, making it adaptable. Vintage fashion and retro style will continue to be popular due to their high quality and low cost.

Image: Nejron Photo – Fotolia