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Bollywood’s biggest successes

Bollywood's biggest successesWhether you are interested in learning more about Indian culture through their movies, or you simply want to add more variety into your week ending movie night, knowing about some of the best movies that Bollywood has to offer is a great way to accomplish either goal.


This Bollywood science fiction hero movie is directed by Rakesh Roshan and stars Hrithik Roshan as the lead. Krrish is a really special film because it was regarded well all around the world. It grossed a little over 22 million worldwide making it one of the highest grossing Indian films of all time. It features a hero who inherits his father’s superpowers and who adopts the identity of Krrish to keep his abilities a secret. His superhero identity is used to mask his real identity while he helps children in a burning circus and later comes up against Dr. Siddhant.


Sholay, an action adventure movie released in 1975 is considered to be one of the best Bollywood movies of all time, and if its earnings were adjusted for inflation it would be the highest grossing Hindi film of all time as well. It is often called an attempt at a Western. In the film a police officer’s family is killed by a bandit and he decides the best way to bring him down is to enlist help of two convicts to take on the bandit.

Dhoom 2

This action movie stars Hrithik Roshan and was one of the top grossing Bollywood movies of all time behind Sholay and Ghajini. This movie has Roshan playing a thief who love to steal rare collectibles use advanced technology and it had very good reviews.


This psychological thriller stars Surya Sivakumar as the lead who can’t make any new memories thanks to a rare case of amnesia. From that point on he tries avenging the death of his girlfriend by utilizing body tattoos and polaroid pictures to keep track of new memories.

Picture: Luciano Mortula – Fotolia