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Film making in the social media age

Film making in the social media ageFacebook, Twitter, YouTube – this truly is the age of social media. Especially the entertainment industry is affected by this, and a lot of times not in a good way. But there are some savvy players who use modern technology to their advantage.

Lines being blurred

Several lines are being blurred by the emergence of social media. First and foremost the line between art (i.e. the filmmakers) and commerce (i.e. the studio bigwigs). Today, creativity is still stifled by monetary concerns – launch dates are valued higher than actual content. More guerilla filmmaking will lead to more creative freedom. Secondly, marketing will change drastically. Of course, millions of dollars will still be spent on blockbusters. But the digital age means that filmmakers can now market directly to their audience for a fraction of the traditional cost. Lastly, because filmmakers of today and tomorrow can engage directly with the audience, the audience will become an important part of the script and story development process from the start of a project.

Marrying arts and social media

Case in point: German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom (DT) have taken the marriage of art and social media to the next level with Move On. A spy thriller/road movie directed by Asgar Leth (Man On A Ledge) and starring James Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale), Move On is described by DT as the “world’s first fully interactive movie.” Various details of the production were voted on by the internet community – from props to locations to small acting parts. Thousands of entries poured in. While the shot took place across Europe, people kept up to date via news on the online site or followed the daily Tweets. Additionally, videos from the set were posted on YouTube while Pinterest featured lots of behind-the-scenes photos. Of course, Move On can also be found on Facebook and Google+. And smartphone users can still download the app for iPhone and Android. After its premiere in Berlin in the fall of this year, Move On will be released on various digital platforms like Entertain, DT’s IPTV channel. DT seems to have every social media angle covered.

Photo by Fernando Gregory – Fotolia