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Film Scripts on the Internet

Film Scripts on the InternetAny aspiring scriptwriter needs to watch as many movies as he can. He also needs to read as many screenplays as he can. At least, that’s what Matt Greenhalgh did, BAFTA Award winning screenwriter of Ian Curtis biopic Control (2007) and Nowhere Boy (2009), chronicling the early life of some chap named John Lennon.

Databases for screenplays

Greenhalgh’s latest screenplay is Move On, a road movie/thriller directed by Asger Leth (Man on a Ledge) and starring Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, The Three Musketeers). Financed by Deutsche Telekom, Move On is explicitly made with the participation of the internet community which was involved in various aspects of the production – from extras being cast to props and locations being used. So, while Matt Greenhalgh may be beyond the stage where he has to read the works of others, anyone still entertaining the idea of breaking into the screenwriting industry certainly is not. Here are a few sites to get started.

The Internet Movie Script Database claims to be the web’s largest movie script resource. Scripts can be searched alphabetically or by genres. The home page prominently features new releases, like Oscar winner “The Artist” or the new Gary Oldman version of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”. Also very useful is JoBlo, which, in addition to movie scripts, also features film news, reviews and trailers.

Hollywood’s best unfilmed scripts

The Weekly Script even offers some radio scripts – like Orson Welles’ classic broadcast of H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” which caused a mass panic when originally broadcast in 1938. People all over the US East Coast believed the Martians had actually landed! For all those interested to scare the pants off people, Horrorlair.com has some gruesome classics like “The Evil Dead” online. And then, of course, there is The Black List, a site which publishes Hollywood’s best as yet unproduced screenplays. In fact, several Black List scripts have gone on to become Academy Award winners (“The King’s Speech”, “Slumdog Millionaire”).

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