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Filming Locations worth a Visit

Filming Locations worth a VisitFilm makers return to time and again to certain parts of the world. The Isle of Man off the west coast of England is one such, and the qualities which make it attractive as a filming location also make it a good holiday destination. If you are a film lover you can build a holiday around visits to parts of London used in the Harry Porter films, or travel to New Zealand and join a tour of Lord of the Rings’ locations.

The delights of the Isle of Man

Visiting this small island is like returning to the 1950s, when the pace of life was much slower. It has been used in over 100 feature films and TV dramas, doubling for other parts of Britain from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands! One of the reasons for it being used so much as a filming location is that nowhere on the island is more than one hour’s drive away. Visit Castle Rushen in the south-east of the island, the location for “I Capture the Castle”, or ride on the steam trains used in “5 Children and It”.

A focus for a holiday

Lovers of the Harry Potter films can recapture their atmosphere on a visit to London. Walk through Leadenhall Market, which doubled as Diagon Alley in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, or stand on King’s Cross Station, the location of Platform 9 and three-quarters, from which the train left for Hogwart’s School. Stroll across the Thames on the Millennium Bridge and be glad it’s not being destroyed by Death Eaters as it was as a filming location in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”.

Exotic locations

Travel further afield to places where the magnificent scenery has played a major part in film dramas. The mountains and waterfalls of New Zealand were made into Middle Earth by Peter Jackson, who filmed Tolkien’s trilogy entirely on location in his home country. You can take custom-made tours through scenery which remains jaw-dropping even without the special effects of the film sets. Many similar opportunities to visit a spectacular filming location exist worldwide.

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