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In the Loop: British Comedy by Armando Iannucci

In the Loop: British Comedy by Armando IannucciThe godfather of British humor has created a movie length spin off of his political satire „The Thick of it“ and addresses the horrendous involvement of hapless British politicians in the Iraq war.

Accidentally, Simon Foster declares on National radio that a war in the Middle East is „unforeseeable“ which might not have caused any problems if he wouldn’t be the British Minister for International Development. When he fails to even out his mistake and even worsens the situation it calls a few U.S. State Departmet officials into action who see a perfect groundwork to include Britain in their promotion for a war with Iraq. Foster and the British enforcer Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) travel to America to smooth things out. Oh dear.

In the Loop: Reality always writes the most ridiculous stories

The film was produced in 2009 but hasn’t lost its bite. It presumably was inspired by Alastair Campbell’s involvement in the Iraq war under Tony Blair, who according to most has grossly over-exaggerated the threat of Iraq to the world. Tucker – who seems to be the vulgar movie version of Campbell – does his best to be as aggressive and obnoxious as possible throughout the whole movie.

Interestingly, it was this exact scandal that led Iannucci to produce „The Thick of It“ in the first place, so it could be seen as a closing circle for the British satire and its writers.

The shocking and vast consequences of what sometimes clueless politicians say and decide is the main focus of this story, how the ignorance about foreign affairs – an all too common theme in politics – can lead to war and destruction.

Iannucci: King of Satire

Iannucci himself is one of the leading heads of modern Britcom, he worked with stand up Stewart Lee on his live show series, he worked with Chris Morris on „The Day Today“ and „Brass Eye“ a highly controversial satire on exploitative documentaries and he worked with Steve Coogan (who also plays a character in „In the Loop“) on the hilariously pathetic show master Alan Partridge.

This movie is a hard ride through this merciless ride of political chaos but it’s worth it.

Picture: Amir Kaljikovic – Fotolia