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Revisiting the Set of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand

Revisiting the Set of Lord of the Rings in New ZealandThe Lord of the Rings trilogy is widely acclaimed by cinemagoers and film critics alike as one of the very best film epics in history, not least one of the greatest book to film adaptations that has ever been carried out. The film has legions of fans that either have read the book and fell in love with it as a younger child, or simply adore the films fantastic world full of hobbits, wizards, heroic battles and other worldly beings that have been created with such imagination and creativity. The trilogy has been so successful in film format, that there are now tours available which offer fans the chance to trek some of the same places as the characters in the glorious New Zealand landscape.

Discover Hobbiton

Middle Earth, the world conceptualized in the movie, has been maintained in New Zealand, offering fans a chance to walk through the little hobbit world in reality. The set includes a recreation of Hobbiton itself, the adorable hobbit populated village full of, lush greenery and cave like dwellings. Set in a real New Zealand farm, this particular set offers stunning views of the landscape, as well as a fantastic realisation of the same set that was used to film the movie.

Visit Middle Earth

The Southern Lakes of New Zealand have been dubbed the centre of Middle Earth. This area is home to several epic scenes from the movie, as the fellowship trail along their journey in a quest to fight evil. There are a number of professional tours available in this area, which come with experienced and very knowledgeable guides who will show visitors precise locations and even tell anecdotes about filming. These also come with options of accommodation, dining, boat tours and re-enactments for a truly memorable experience that will satisfy even the most hardcore Lord of the Rings fans.

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