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Top 5 Road Movies

Top 5 Road MoviesMads Mikkelsen, the man who cried blood as a Bond villain in Casino Royale, romps across Europe in the new spy thriller/road movie Move On, directed by Asger Leth (Man On A Ledge). Financed by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, the film will be shown on the internet and various digital platforms with its premiere due in September.

Locations for Move On include the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. Of course, constant movement, chases, different landscapes and strange encounters are all trademarks of the genre known as road movie, which has certainly yielded its share of classics. Here are five of the best.

5. Mad Max (1979)

A star making turn by Mel Gibson fuels this blistering Aussie revenge pic. In the near future, society is on the verge of a breakdown. When an outlaw gang murders the family of cop Max Rockatansky (Gibson) he swears revenge. Cue spectacular car chases, hair raising stunts and violent deaths.

4. Midnight Run (1988)

A mafia accountant (Charles Grodin) is on the run from the FBI and the mob. His only protection is a bounty hunter (Robert De Niro). Naturally, the two can’t stand each other … A buddy comedy as well as a fast paced cross country chase, Midnight Run excels at both. Hilarious dialogue (“Is this moron number one? Put moron number two on the phone!”) and great chemistry between the two leads make for nearly flawless entertainment.

3. National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)

Chevy Chase played clueless family patriarch Clark Griswold in no less than four Vacation films, but this is the first and best. The Griswolds embark on a car trip from Chicago to Los Angeles and disaster follows them at every step. There’s a car flying off the road and an obnoxious cousin and a dead dog and a dead aunt and … Chase was always at his best when playing befuddled types and here his deadpan reactions to the chaos around him are priceless.

2. Thelma & Louise (1991)

After they kill a rapist, Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) go on the run, trying to reach Mexico. But the FBI is not far behind. In this female version of a road movie, director Ridley Scott (“Alien”, “Gladiator”) mixes exhilarating chase scenes with a theme of female empowerment. Davis and Sarandon are fantastic.

1. Easy Rider (1969)

Peter Fonda. Dennis Hopper. Jack Nicholson. Drugs. Motorbikes. Steppenwolf. Rednecks. Death. The ultimate counter culture movie, Easy Rider was one of the films that ushered in the era of New Hollywood. A pretty raw pic by most standards, it still managed to capture the feelings a generation looking for more in life than a mortgage and a station wagon. Of course, it doesn’t end well …

Image: Charles Jacques – Fotolia