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The Benefits of Joining a Sports Team

The Benefits of Joining a Sports TeamJoining a sports team can yield many social, physical and psychological benefits. While some people look towards clubs, societies, and nights out to fill out their calendars, the prospect of joining a sports team is often not even considered. However, as far as social activities go, there are as few as rewarding as joining a sports team. It is an extremely healthy, enjoyable and social way to perk up your week and get some fitness benefits along the way!

1. Fitness

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of joining a group sport is the benefit to your health. Instead of the monotony of gyms, playing a sport is a great workout that you really don’t even realise you are doing because your focus is on the game rather than the exercise. Sports such as football, basketball, rugby, hockey are great workouts in terms of cardiovascular and endurance training.

2. Meet New People

Competing in group sports is a great way to meet new people. Being a part of a group with common interests and shared goals is an enjoyable experience with an inevitable result of meeting new people.

3. Expand Your Social Circle

Instead of going out with the same crowd every weekend, going out with team mates is a likely prospect when you are part of such a group. The celebrations involved after a big win, or even the consolations after a loss, will almost always involve going out and socialising together to reminisce or pat each other on the back.

4. Challenge Yourself!

Competing in activities and improving on skills is a great way to boost confidence and create personal challenges for yourself. Seeing yourself get better all the time and reaching targets or winning games is extremely rewarding and will do wonders for your self-esteem and personal satisfaction.

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