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The biggest fundraising sports events in history

The biggest fundraising sports events in historyUsing sport events to raise money for charities and sports teams alike has always been hugely successful. Staging marathons, cycling events and general sports-related activities has long been a great way of raising money for charities and through utilising famous celebrities and members of the public, a lot of money has been raised around the world.

Fundraising marathons

Marathons are perhaps some of the most widely-documented sport events in the world, with participation ranging from elite sports people to members of the public, who often use the event to fundraise. The New York Marathon has been going since 1970 and has raised huge amounts for charity. Likewise, the London Marathon which has been in existence since 1981 has raised over $500 million, with increased participation every year.

Sports Relief in the UK

‘Sports Relief’ is a relatively new major sports fundraising event which has occurred in the UK every two years since 2002. Both celebrities and members of the public work together the raise money; through many different means. The event is gaining momentum every year, with over $100 million being raised so far.

New York 5 Boroughs

Since 1977, the charity cycle event ‘The Five Boro Bike Tour’ has fused a cycling with huge fundraising efforts, to raise a lot of money for charity. Cycling through the five boroughs of New York City, participants cover 48 miles of track. The event raises money through partnering with several charities and has thus far been extremely successful in raising money for charities.

NFL Charity Fundraisers

Every year before the Super Bowl, the ‘NFL Charities’ group hold fundraisers. People are offered the chance to rub shoulders with NFL legends through charity sports outings. Every year the events have been hugely successful and are an innovative way of raising money for deserving charities.

Photo: Trevor Harris – Fotolia