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Combining sports with travel

Combining sports with travelIf you’re itching to get out there and explore the world, why not indulge your love of sport at the same time? It is often referred to as an international language and there is no doubt that it can open doors to some great adventures.


Following a sport around the globe can take you to places you would never otherwise have gone to and take in cultures beyond the staple tourist routes. Not only can you enjoy your favorite pastime in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, you can experience it in a different culture.
The first group of fans that spring to mind upon the mention of travel are soccer fans. At club or international level, fans from every country flock to all corners of the globe to support their team. Whether it be the World Cup or the Champions League, there are numerous opportunities to experience the game in a new culture and environment.


A game which takes supporters to rather different parts of the world is cricket. Unlike football fans, cricket followers have the opportunity to explore the delights of the sub-continent with tours of Asia a regular occurrence as well as the possibility of paying a visit to the West Indies, Australia or New Zealand.
However, travelling as a spectator is not the only way to enjoy the world. Participation and instruction around the world is a path that many people take. Depending on the interest of the individual there is a great range of options available. Many explore the colder parts of the world as Ski instructors whilst those that prefer higher temperatures will take to teaching activities such as scuba diving.

Charity Events

Additionally there are many charitable organizations around the world that aim to improve people’s lives through sport. Coaching cricket and football around the world can often form parts of such programs and can be the most rewarding way to travel.
Whatever your reason for travel may be, it is clear that sport can offer so much to so many people all around the world.

Picture: Andreas Haertle – Fotolia